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I mentioned that the Balance Date field in the Balance History table will determine which record will provide the balance for that Acct No. Have successfully updated records in one table from another using the balance in the latest dated record. No problem executing this SQL using the copy-and-paste-the-text method, but were you saying that this SQL statement could be executed with a macro? The Balance History is not what bothers me (although I have never heard a GOOD reason). Also there are too many things which can go wrong with the approach taken. [closed] No Base in Ubuntu [closed] how to get connection information in BASE with a macro? [closed] Change report query how to link to audio files in base Creating a form for records in a 1-n link table in Base How to create an Update query in BASE SQL [closed] To what error does code 177 point?

You could then do select @value;in order to see what the value was before you updated it My SQL uses Watcom (Oracle) syntax for UPDATE, so it's possible to write something like:update Table1 t1 join Table2 t2 on t1. When done, you "clear" the semaphore by UPDATE table SET value = 0 WHERE name = 'name' The assumption is that the UPDATE is "atomic" in that no concurrent access by another process can occur between testing and setting the value field.Assuming this is best done with a SQL command, I'm looking for some help writing the SQL for it. Since you already have these tables linked, you only need an SQL select to obtain the information anytime it is needed.However, if you insist on this route, there are some other things to be aware of. With that, there is no built in storage for this type of statement so you would need to keep a copy of the statement somewhere else like a text file for when needed. Since you appear to be new to all this, it may be beyond you current knowledge. This needs modification based on the "Balance History" table as it is unclear as to which record for the Account is to be retrieved for the balance: UPDATE "Accounts" SET "Curr Value" = (SELECT "Balance" FROM (SELECT "Acct No", "Balance" FROM "Balance History", (SELECT "Acct No", MAX("Balance Date") SELDATE FROM "Balance History" GROUP BY "Acct No") A WHERE "Balance History"."Acct No" = A."Acct No" AND "Balance History"."Balance Date" = A. If you update values in multiple columns, you use a comma (,) to separate each pair of column and value.The columns that are not on the list retain their original values.

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