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These black-water habitats are created by fallen tree branches and leaf litter under a forest canopy that allows little direct sunlight. The basic coloration is a blue through the center area and near the dorsal fin.These cichlids are polygamous and form harems of a dominant male and multiple females. The males are the larger sex, growing to 3"(7.5 cm) in length, while females only reach about 1.75" (4.5 cm). Along the back are several black "background" blotches that extend from the head to the tail fin, with one dot right in the middle of the caudal area.Adult Tube features all the best Free Porn videos starring your favorite pornstars and hardcore amateurs!Thousands of horny sluts fucking and sucking for your approval as they earn your affection with each new naughty porn tube video and become popular by going full hardcore in front of our HD cameras!The dorsal fin has a black blotch on the first several rays and the pelvic fin has black as well.Her tail fin is a drab yellow/gray color with the edge trimmed in an orange/yellow color.Still they are very small cichlids, with the males reaching less than 3' (7.5 cm) in length and the females only about 1.75" (4.5 cm).With a pair of these attractive cichlids you also get that cool cichlid personality, only in a small package.

The belly is yellow as is the anal fin and most of the tail fin.

Watching them share the raising of their fry is quite a sight and their small size makes them more manageable than many of the other cichlid species.

These fish can be kept in a community tank with non-cichlids and even with smaller fish.

If water quality is ignored, as with all cichlids, disease and death can occur.

Just a little dedication will reap pleasurable results from this little fish.

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