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Our records indicate that you did not make a claim for a tourist visa or a work visa. "Miss Newman you have overstayed your visa by twenty days. Our country is overrun with foreigners who come here and never leave, we have to crack down on this.

You will either face twenty lashes of the whip, one for each day you overstayed, or you can pay two hundred euro for each day you overstayed. It is up to you to decide what penalty you must pay." "Four thousand euros. You have to be kidding me, just because I didn't sign some papers. I want to speak to a law-" "Silence woman," cried the officer.

She had celebrated her graduation from university with a trip to Europe.

Initially she was planning to only to a short trip, sightseeing in England and shopping in Paris followed by some sun and sea in the French Riviera.

His small eyes were ablaze with anger as he slammed his fist down on the table. "You are in trouble Miss Newman, do not presume to speak at me like this.

After that a nurse will treat your bruises and cuts.

"Bunch of overpaid useless public servants," she said to herself. You must give your decision now," ordered the Airport officer. One of the policewomen handcuffed Sarah and led her out of the room.

The thought of being whipped was a horrible prospect. The policewomen led Sarah through the airport building.

For your own sake keep quiet and allow me to explain things further." The officer banged his fist again on the desk.

There was no way for Sarah to get out of her punishment.

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