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Read more: Civil rights book banned in New Jersey prisons, along with She said that while several more vendors had been added to the list, creating a more expansive catalog of books, the new rules would shut down programs like Books Through Bars, which sees free books mailed to prisons across the U. Books Through Bars has also condemned the directive, calling it a "draconian restriction" that will rob inmates of the opportunity to read the works of authors like "Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, Maya Angelou or other literature [that] helps people connect with what it means to be human.""Directive 4911A limits incarcerated people to a few dozen books and magazines, purchased at a premium from a handful of favored businesses," the organization said in a statement addressed to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Acting Commissioner of the New York DOCCS Anthony Annucci."No books that help people learn to overcome addictions or learn how to improve as parents.No Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, Maya Angelou, or other literature that helps people connect with what it means to be human.There is little or no guarantee that books will sell, and translated books have a tougher time than most.But would you be interested sex advice from a Brazilian prostitute?All packages and articles will have to be ordered online or via mail order from approved vendors.By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief Today’s feature story looks at Le French Book’s plans to translate books — including self-help, crime and other genre works — from French into English and distribute them digitally.

With French books, this is a particular problem, as rarely do we see much more than the occasional literary title or pop philosophy or lifestyle tome grace the shelves of American bookstores.

Yes, France has a wealth of historians, biographers, “public intellectuals” and other writers of all stripes.

Not to mention a prolific publishing industry cranking out fiction each fall, most of which is presented during the “rentrée littéraire” (France’s literary season).

Of course, this problem is not limited to France — the same issue confronts publishers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan…you get the picture.

The issue of why so little genre fiction is translated was brought up two years ago during a booksellers forum at the London Book Fair, with the collected booksellers concluding that a) publishers were conditioned to cater to the existing market rather than attempt to establish new ones, and b) even if the books were translated and published there wouldn’t be space on the shelves for them.

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Crabapple accused the state of imposing new rules in order to "force families of prisoners" to buy overpriced products from "politically-motivated vendors.""According to the new rules, family members will no longer be allowed to send prisoners fresh fruits and vegetables.

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