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The subtle, un-offensive tone of the book on how to woo women carried little weight. But Jeffries was sure it wasn’t the message that was wrong, but the way in which that message was delivered. When chatting women up he would remain subtle and understated, that was his technique after all, but in order to make money, and train other men, he had to appeal to their animal urges. “I thought: I’m going to be the most unsubtle, brash, obnoxious, loud mouth there is,” he says, inventing a character that he would play with great success – that ‘character’ was Ross Jefferies. After gambling his last 0 on a full-page ad in a magazine that extolled his pickup abilities, Jeffries got a call from the number one chat show in America at the time: The Phil Donahue Show.

A series of TV appearances and worldwide exposure followed, leading to a surge in the sales of his audio tapes and workshops.

He developed his skills using a mixture of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and set the benchmark for the success with women using such approaches.

When we’re first introduced to Jeffries in The Game, he manages to get the number of a young waitress (he’s in his early forties) by simply talking to her while he’s ordering breakfast.

In January 2004, Strauss broke cover, publishing a piece in the New York Times about his observations and experiences in the society.

Although written under a pseudonym, his friends and PUAs knew Strauss was the author of the piece.

When the main players in The Game were still looking over their pencil cases at the popular girls on the other side of the class, Jeffries was out on the street, chatting girls up, getting their numbers and, more often than not, getting them into bed too.

Except that Jefferies’ field isn’t creating computer programs. Jeffries is known in the pickup artist (PUA) community as the pioneer of seduction techniques.

But it’s hard to tell whether we’re genuinely impressed or if we’re just being persuaded we are.

I’m not here, however, to learn how to get women into bed.

As the father of the seduction community, you should hope so too. By the end of the book, under the persona of 'Style', Strauss has been voted the best pick-up artist in the world by his fellow PUAs.

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, charted Strauss’s journey and ultimate success in the seduction community.

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The late 90s proved to be a busy period in the life of Ross Jefferies.

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