Dating a comedian don39t do it

Relationships are hard to make last, and I'll give you that the time commitments and scheduling of a comic or aspiring comic at any level are the biggest obstacle, I'd say.Especially in the beginning--you might be working a 9 to 5 AND going out every night? I am INSANELY fortunate to have a supportive civilian girlfriend.Or trying to date someone who works when you sleep and vice versa. Another alternative I would suggest for single ctand-ups: date someone from sketch or improv.(And I'd say in the first couple years of comedy, when putting in time is the most important to get yourself established, maybe that's not the ideal time to also put effort into having the most serious of relationships.)But ultimatley, there are loads of people who don't have conventional schedules (or maybe just don't want to spend every minute with you anyway), people who do like jokes, people who can like YOU. And then THAT's your problem, not the fact that you're a comedian. Last time I checked Mike Dobbins is dating an improv lady and they seem happy.(Then again, someone who never goes to see you perform seems like a problem too.) Bringing someone to an open mic is just plain cruel — unless you've got some sort of S&M thing going on and the whip ain't cutting it anymore.

I'm thinking about bits I've heard done by certain guys who fit this description.

Stand-ups and improv people inherit different worlds that occasionally overlap.

all this " telling the truth on stage is great " business makes me a bit queasy .

And then you have someone like Dave Chappelle who's totally open about everything but almost never mentions his wife or being married on his albums/specials. Anyway, I guess a comic could always try dating another comic instead of a civilian. You think it would be very easy because you guys both get it.

Maybe that's an even weirder thing..not be mentioned at all. But, you are constantly experiencing similar things and it's very hard to say to your girlfriend, "Well, I'm a real comedian." Also can't help that a large percentage of comics are male.

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