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The latest action against the two companies are different, he reiterated.Lawyer Bryan Tan of Pinsent Masons added that the case would be the “first of its kind”, and it would be interesting to see “what kind of decision the court arrives at”.TODAY understands he is acting on behalf of four parties, including Star Hub.The criminal case proceeded to court after all parties involved in the case could not reach a settlement following the filing of a Magistrate’s Complaint.The Straits Times obtained a copy of US court transcripts, which showed that Chow, a US citizen, had cut a plea deal to help US prosecutors in their probe against the company and its American unit, Keppel Offshore & Marine USA.Chow told the court he had realised by 2008 that Keppel was "overpaying the agent, sometimes by millions of dollars, so that the agent could pay bribes to individuals who could help Keppel Offshore & Marine doing business with Petrobras".Mr Gane had voiced concerns over the “overt sales” of set-top boxes in malls and IT fairs.This, he said, is rarely seen “in such volume” in other parts of the region.

Synnex Trading’s director Jia Xiaofen and An-Nahl’s director Abdul Nagib Abdul Aziz were named as defendants as well.

These details emerged in an Aug 29 transcript of his remarks at a hearing in New York that were unsealed on Dec 22 last year, the same day KOM agreed to pay a US2 million (S3 million) penalty in connection with violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The violations related to KOM paying US million in bribes over 13 years to secure contracts with Brazilian oil giant Petrobras.

When contacted, an employee of An-Nahl said the company no longer has set-top boxes on its inventory, and has returned them to Synnex Trading.

On Thursday, Synnex was still selling the set-top boxes at S9 each.

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