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Du kannst an Umfragen in diesem Forum nicht mitmachen.I have to ask you about some of these strange expenses I keep seeing, sir. But then, did he expect a normal relationship given what he does every night?

I could be a very helpful nursemaid to a special diaperboy like you…for the right price.I’m so turned on that I start masturbating right in front of you, talking about why diapers are so sexy.I have a special diaper selected for you, and one for me.I’m trying so hard, but I just never want to have sex.I put on sexy lingerie and heels, I’m all done up, but you can tell that I’m just not in the right mood.

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I just recently got separated and am now getting back into this lifestyle completely. I hope to find others here in my town or perhaps nearby cities. I'm looking for both friends and a relationship.

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